Just Sharing – China’s Terracotta Warriors

Exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

I just did an end-of-year, snowy-day visit to our Arts Museum.  A very special Exhibit — China’s Terracotta Warriors.  From the not-too-long-ago discovered tombs of China’s first Emperor.  Several of the actual warrior ‘statues’ on exhibit — All lifesize; made of CLAY!!  All sooooo ancient (200 BC).  Truly amazing, awe-inspiring.


Photographs were not allowed — So I can only share a few images from the Museum Web Site:

I most appreciated the bit of history — Learning about the cultural significance of creating such pieces in clay, incorporating a more ‘everyday’ realism into the work — All a departure from previous ‘ceremonial’ pieces often made in bronze.


If you’re in the Twin Cities — Do try to check out the Exhibit (till January 20th).  You can check out the Museum’s Info/Preview Page here:


And for even more info/insight (including ‘how’ the warriors were made) — Here is a Link to PBS Show (very informative) on Terracotta Warriors:


Hope everyone enjoys a bit of Art History now and then!


4 thoughts on “Just Sharing – China’s Terracotta Warriors

  1. I saw the exhibit here in Montreal. It is a truly incredible feat of clay sculptures. I think my favourite works are the huge almost life size horses. I was blown away by the technical ability and the fluid artistry.. .

    • Hi Joan —
      Thank you for sharing — So glad to hear that someone else has seen the Show. And yes, the horses were awesome! I also appreciated two bronze ‘replicas’ of horses pulling a carriage. They were only half life-size; they were pulling the carriage that would carry the Emperor through the afterworld. Amazing detail. Amazing sculpture; so ancient!
      Happy New Year — Marcia Paul

  2. My friend Jane saw the real deal in China about four years ago. I turned down an invite to join her on the trip. They say you only regret the things you DON’T
    do. If this exhibit comes to Chicago I will be there.

    • Hi Judi — Thank you so much for your Comment! So sorry you didn’t join your friend on a trip to China.
      I would LOVE to visit China to see all 7,000 Warriors lined up together, all made of clay!
      Happy-Happy New Year! Marcia

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