Holiday Flavors – Pears and Chocolate

Pear & Chocolate Tart

After a week of snow, and then rain, and then freezing rain — I’ve actually started making pots again!  In my new studio!  I’m still facing quite a bit of organizing and more organizing — But I’m actually potting again.

And the Holidays are creeping ever closer!  I thought I would try something holiday-worthy — An easy tart with pears, almonds, chocolate.  Decadent!


The Food — Pear Tart with Almond & Chocolate

I stumbled on this recipe recently — I’ve already tried it several times.  A Pear & Chocolate Tart seems rather perfect for the Holidays.  A simple cakey/tart recipe — With good stuff scattered on top.  First the cut up pears, then the chopped nuts, then the chopped chocolate.  Into the oven for baking; sprinkle with powdered sugar; serve with whipped cream (or custard sauce).  Result, AMAZING — Pear-with-chocolate; truly decadent!


Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Platter made by Delores Fortuna


I have a favorite platter — Made by Delores Fortuna of Galena, Illinois.  Porcelain, matt glaze in light teal green. I love the rim, like a gently twisting ribbon; like soft music.  This platter is perfect for a dramatic presentation of any dessert, or holiday fare.

And I have several mugs made by Delores, as well — My absolute FAVORITE mugs!!  A bit more of a geometric statement; perfect to hold in my hand; perfect for a cup of tea with Pear & Chocolate Tart.


Happy Week-Before-The-Holidays everyone.


2 thoughts on “Holiday Flavors – Pears and Chocolate

  1. I so enjoy your blog, finding out what you are doing and today your connection with your favorite platter “I love the rim, like a gently twisting ribbon; like soft music.” Brilliant.
    Not ot only is this platter a pleasure to look at but is meant to be functional as well.

    Thanks Marci & have a Wonderful Holiday Season.

    • Hi Debbie —
      Thank you so much for your comment — I always appreciate hearing from you.
      And yes, I really love this platter!! I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to work with Delores several years now, when she’s been here for the St. Croix Pottery Sale. Folks love her work. And she offered me a ‘special’ deal on this platter — I really do love the ‘musical’ rim!
      Happy Holidays — Marcia

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