First Snowfall!!

WOW – After a really mild winter last year, we’re in the middle of a major snow fall today (nearly 12 inches and still counting).  It’s quite wonderful – So quiet and white and other-worldly.  Cannot even see through my  forest for all the snow clinging to the  tree branches.


And just yesterday – I stopped by a small Holiday Pottery Sale and purchased a delightful Bowl made by Minnesota Artist, Dick Cooter – With a yummy, glassy, snowy-white Shino glaze.



Love the goopy/droopy look of the glaze, like snow hanging off the roof.  When I found this bowl, another person actually tried to (politely) grab it away from me.  I’m the lucky one; I quite love it – Especially today, with all the snow.

And a snowy day is PERFECT for trying a new recipe – Pork Roast with Chestnuts and Marsala Sauce.


The Food – Roast Pork with Chestnuts, Apples, and Marsala Sauce

Here in the MidWest, we don’t do too much with Chestnuts (I think they’re more of an East Coast thing).  But I’ve always wanted to try them in various recipes.  Earlier this year, I stumbled on a recipe for Pork Roast with a lovely-sounding Marsala Sauce with Chestnuts.

I prepared the Sauce (Marsala wine, cider, broth, cream).  I prepared a Pork Loin Roast – Stuffed with chopped Pancetta; tied with bay leaf, browned.  Then added Chestnuts to the sauce; poured over the pork, covered and popped into low-heat oven for 1-1/2 hours.

For serving, I added some sautéed onion and apple (to make the sauce really ‘chunky’) – Served with smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and Brussel’s Sprouts.  Amazing sauce!!  Perfect winter dinner!!

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.


The Pottery – Serving Platter by Randy Johnston/Jan McKeatchie Johnston

The perfect piece for a dramatic presentation — A rectangular Serving Bowl/Platter made (in collaboration) by Randy Johnston and Jan McKeatchie Johnston.  Hand built, wood fired with Shino glaze and lively slip-trailing.  Randy and Jan are excellent potters in River Falls, Wisconsin — Very involved (and recognized) within our ‘Minnesota’ Pottery Community.

I really love this piece – Its simplicity, its artistic presence, its functionality!  You can see more of their work — Check out their Web Site:


Happy (snowy) December everyone!!

2 thoughts on “First Snowfall!!

  1. We had some snow here last night but nothing like your accumulation. Beautiful photos and great pots from Randy Johnston/Jan McKeatchie Johnston. The pork roast looks delicious!

  2. Wow!!! Happy December to you too.
    A beautiful first snow for sure. I love the last photo with the little leaves still on the branch.

    Supper looks pretty good too:)


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