Chilly Weather / White Turkey-Artichoke Chili

White Turkey Chili – With Roasted Peppers, Artichoke, and Corn

Perhaps I did not get enough turkey this past Thanksgiving?  Or perhaps it’s the sudden chilly weather?  I’ve been in the mood for some (slightly) Southwest flavors — And a bit more turkey.  I also have the perfect (perfect) bowl – Made by Simon Levin – For a grand serving of White Turkey/Artichoke Chili.

The Food — White Turkey Chili with Roasted Peppers, Artichoke, and Corn

I searched out an older recipe for a ‘White Chili’ and updated it a bit.

I used ground turkey (although, this would work great with left-over cooked turkey, cut up and diced).  I roasted a few poblano peppers over an open flame, chopped up some jalapeno pepper, also yellow sweet peppers.  I sautéed and mixed all together with chicken stock – Added spices (cumin, cayenne); then mixed in white beans, artichoke hearts and a batch of corn that I froze last summer.  (I also added some chopped carrot for color).

WOW – This made a really tasty (and quite robust) Turkey Chili!!  I would make it again (husband loved it).  I’ve included the recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Simon Levin Bowl:

I’m serving my White Turkey Chili in a wonderful, rustic, wood fired Bowl — Made by Wisconsin Artist, Simon Levin.  I love the minimalist form – With the flame-kissed spot inside!  Ancient-looking, but contemporary — A sense of mystery just to hold in my hands!

The bowl is larger than the usual ‘chili bowl’ – Could be a Serving Bowl for any meal.  But it was also perfect (perfect) for my very own serving of comfort-food Chili.

I can’t help it — I LOVE both these bowls by Simon….

To see more awesome bowls, check out Simon’s Web Site:

2 thoughts on “Chilly Weather / White Turkey-Artichoke Chili

  1. What incredible bowls Simon has made and the glaze design is fabulous!!~
    Your soup sounds and looks wonderful too.
    Thanks for your posting!


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