New Work-Table, New Work

Finally!!  FINALLY!!

Delivery of my new Work-Table for my new Studio!  YIPPEE!!

Ten feet of horizontal work surface!!  That’s more than twice what I previously had.  And so super-sturdy (potters need sturdy tables)!  With my new Studio, in addition to all the extra space, and extra shelving – A new huge Work-Table is pure, absolute heaven!

I’m thinking of serving Thanksgiving Dinner on the new table (just kidding).  Although, in my excitement – I’ve prepared a really yummy ‘Thanksgiving Snack’ just to celebrate some NEW work as well as the NEW table….

The Food – Crostini with Brie and Onion/Bacon Jam

 A really tasty autumn (or winter) appetizer — A big batch of amazing/yummy Onion/Bacon Jam.  Served on Crostini with lightly melted Brie.

First, the bacon (very cut up) sauteed  till just cooked.  Then a few onions — Chopped, sauteed, then carmelized with a bit of brown sugar.  Then, onion and bacon gently simmered with apple cider, sherry, a bit of thyme. When liquid mostly evaporated I call it ‘jam’ — And it tastes better than candy!! Great on Crostini, great on a burger (or beef filet) with melted Brie.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – New Soda Fired Pieces

I’m serving my yummy Crostini on a new Overlapped Tray — Stoneware, soda fired with random ash drips.  This piece is perfect as a unique centerpiece for the table, or for serving snacks/appetizers.

Even though I haven’t made any new work since I started remodeling my studio back in September, I made quite a few pieces ahead of time.  Consequently, I’ve been busy every time we’ve fired the soda kiln.  And, I’ve been creating some newer ‘designs’ — More ‘overlapped’ plates and trays.  I really love the ‘constructional’ statement as well as the difference in contours and angles that I get from overlapping.

In addition to the Tray above, I’ve had fun creating plates — Larger square plates, smaller dessert plates (or appetizer plates).  I’m really having fun with the earthy, ashy-abstract surface — Quite successful in the soda firing!  Sharing a few more pieces….

And a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone!

8 thoughts on “New Work-Table, New Work

    • Hi Christy — Thanks for complimenting the plates! They’re total fun to make and glaze!
      And the table — Made from an old door (ten foot door) from an old office building. Built by Peter – the remodeler/wood guy. This really will be heaven for me — I’ve been working on a 2′ x 4′ canvas board all this time. I think I’ve just graduated to a ‘real’ table — Ten feet and sturdy!!
      – Marcia

    • Hi Gail — Yes, I definitely have a foot on all the plates and trays. In fact, it took several attempts to develop the ‘correct’ foot for the tray (with the crostini). I’d be happy to send you photos if you wish.
      And, I really will be posting the RECIPE for the onion/bacon jam later today. You can check for it tomorrow — SO YUMMY!
      Also — I’m fine no matter how people spell my name.
      – Marcia

  1. Table envy here too.:) and also glad you have new and spacious workspace.
    Looking forward to the recipe too. I so love how you share the photos of your pottery being used and those recipes.

    • Hi Debbie — Always good to hear from you! The new studio space is great! But I still have sooooooo much organizing to do (not making pots yet).
      And the recipe is now posted! Just in time — I need to make another batch of the tasty Jam!
      Have a good week — Marcia

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