Art Attack — This Weekend!

Once again, it’s time for ART ATTACK at Northrup King Building in northeast Minneapolis.  I’ll be there with  Julia Timm (ceramics), and Dominique Bereiter (jewelry).  Studio name is Fresh Mud Pottery — Suite #337.

Northrup King is an historic building full of artist studios.  During ART ATTACK — All artists open their studios for a major art-crawl-weekend — Showing their work, meeting the public in their workspace.  A great opportunity to visit so many artist studios in one location.

If you live in the Twin Cities, hope you can stop by — We would love to show you our latest work.  Again, ART ATTACK — Northrup King Building — Suite #337.

Preview — A few Marcia Pieces….

Hope to see a few of you this weekend!!


4 thoughts on “Art Attack — This Weekend!

  1. Hi Marcia – I’d love to attend this weekend, but have lots going on. I’m especially focused on a Get Out The Vote activity until the election. Have a great weekend!

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