Pottery Studio – Almost There!

Remodeling nearly Complete!

I realize I’ve not posted for awhile.  Hey — I’ve become a professional house painter.  I’ve been busy painting every room (several bedrooms, family room, etc.) in my newly appointed basement (with NEW studio).  I really love the actual painting; I really hate all the prep — The taping, the sanding, the edging with the brush — When all the while I’m anxious to get that paint-roller in my hands and just PAINT.  So I’ve been busy painting and prepping and painting (and NOT Blogging)!  And definitely NOT making new pots.

But I thought I would share my new Studio with you (at least a ‘corner’ of my new Studio, where the Sauna once was).  My wheel (with an eager bag of clay), shelves, with stacks of bats, plaster molds, and a bit more miscellaneous.  Of course I cannot begin potting yet — As soon as I took this photo, we had to start moving stuff (big furniture) into the Studio for ‘storage’ while we paint and get ready for (finally, finally) new carpet.

My new Studio is a bigger, more ‘open’ room with a fun new concrete floor, and I’m very excited about the all extra space.  I’ll have more (much more) table-top surface for hand-building; I’ll be able to fit more shelves in to organize things better.  But the fact is, it all happened so quickly, unexpectedly — I didn’t have much time for any ‘serious’ planning.

Another Potter’s Studio (Emily Murphy):

Given my lack of planning time, I thought I would share another Potter’s Studio with you — A well-planned ‘dream’ studio by Emily Murphy, a Minneapolis potter (formerly at Lillstreet in Chicago) — Making lovely porcelain work!

She recently featured her very-well-planned, very-well-designed Studio on her Blog.  If you’re not already acquainted with Emily Murphy, do visit her Blog — She always has something informative to share; she has an AWESOME/AMAZING home Studio!!!

Emily Murphy Blog – http://potteryblog.com/

Her Studio – http://potteryblog.com/2012/09/a-tour-of-my-pottery-studio-basement-studio/

Of course, I will share MY finished Studio once I can truly start working in clay again — And I will try to make it ‘look’ organized and well designed….  In the meantime, I must keep painting.  Stay tuned!

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