Autumn Cravings

Autumn has definitely arrived!  Through all of September it was quite warm and beautiful.  With October it suddenly became cool and crisp and refreshing – And even more beautiful! And with the cool temperatures, I always develop a few autumn cravings.  Every year, I crave more and more brilliant autumn color from the leaves – The reds, the golds, and the bright fiery orange!


So, in spite of the basement-remodeling project in my life, I zipped down to my Wisconsin Farm – For a quick color-loaded visit.  I drove down along the Mississippi River – A charming drive with so much color clinging to every bluff.  I arrived at my Farm with the most intense colors and contrasts at ‘peak’!  The next morning (bright and clear) I took an early morning walk with my camera.  Color cravings satisfied.




The Food – More Cravings:

And every year, by early October, I crave a Baked Potato!  My tastebuds simply must have a hot, steaming just-baked potato – With melted cheese, a bit of white Cheddar, a bit of Havarti (they melt so well together).  And if I’m really treating myself — A wee bit of bacon, and a sprinkle of green onion.  And another treat – I love a dab (a big dab) of just-baked butternut squash alongside my baked potato.  Autumn comfort-food heaven.  Every year, by early October – I CRAVE a Baked Potato!


The Pottery – Maasha Bowl:

Such a tasty indulgence deserves a special, comfort-food piece of pottery!  An ‘early’ Maasha Bowl — A small serving bowl that I made a number of years ago.  Stoneware, handbuilt and constructed with overlapping corners — Reduction fired with a deep-gold matte glaze.  Works perfectly with ooey-gooey cheesey Baked Potato!  Another craving satisfied!

Hope everyone is enjoying a gorgeous Autumn!



5 thoughts on “Autumn Cravings

  1. Gorgeous pics from a very pretty area. We drove down the MN side of the river recently and got to see the colors near peak on the way to our farm in SE MN. The beauty of the foliage in the bluffs is something to be treasured. Hope you are having a great fall.

    • Hi Sue — Great to hear from you! Yes, the river-drive is nearly always a lovely, super-special outing! A Mid-West gem, really.
      But with my current remodeling, I’m surprised (lucky) I managed to get away for the trip.
      I enjoy YOUR Blog!! Marcia

    • Hi Debbie —
      Always good to hear from you! And thank you for the photo compliments. I’m so busy with my current remodeling, I’m surprised I managed to get any photos. But I’ll certainly let everyone know when my new studio is done!
      – Marcia

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