Still Remodeling!

Yes, I’m still very much in the middle of remodeling (my basement).  I’m totally unable to make any pots, I’m not cooking anything exciting — And I cannot even think about photography.  But I do have studio news….

OMG — A NEW studio (almost)! 

Have I ever mentioned that right in the middle of my studio, I have a sauna?  Yes, a SAUNA – Totally breaking up the space and forcing me to work in two very small separate areas (instead of one big, spacious area).

Consequently, the sauna became a total storage room – Full of clay, and more clay, and more stuff, and more clay, and I have not been able to even step inside for quite awhile.

With our remodel still in process, we realized it was time to finally tear out the sauna.  So, we scrambled (really hustled) and moved everything out — And the very next day, the sauna was gone!  GONE!  No more sauna!!

And then, the next day the sheet rock went up.  AMAZING!  I cannot believe the additional, continuous space I’ll have for my studio/work area!!

And next week — I get a new painted concrete floor (we need to unify three different floor treatments).  It’s really suddenly exciting — I can’t wait to move everything back in to my NEW STUDIO!  I can’t wait to start making pots again — In a spacious, organized area!

And, one final note — One of the workers was able to re-use all the cedar boards inside, because he’s finishing his own sauna – That’s so nifty!!


4 thoughts on “Still Remodeling!

    • Hi Debbie — Just want to say thank you for your comments (previous posting) and support while I try to survive this remodeling chaos! I actually closed myself off in my laundry-room yesterday and made a few silly pots. Can’t wait till it’s done!
      — Marcia

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