Happy Cylinders!

I am in the middle of a major remodel – My entire basement is currently torn apart.  That’s two bedrooms, a bathroom, a family room and my STUDIO AREA!  Every square inch where I work and photograph is totally inaccessible.  I think I’ll have a lot fun sharing it with you when all the work is done.

However, in the meantime, I’m sharing some photos I was able to take a few months ago.

Cylinders for Utensils:

Potters make functional pots primarily with food in mind – Bowls, plates, cups, teapots, baking dishes, and more.  We also make vases, bottles, lidded jars — Again, pieces with a purpose in mind.  But we often end up with quite a few ‘miscellaneous’ pieces; pieces that don’t have such obvious definition or purpose.  Cylinders actually fall into a ‘miscellaneous’ category — Pieces that are not quite vases, not quite tumblers, and certainly not soup bowls.

Whenever I make cylinders (so relaxing) — I end up with vessels with a non-specific purpose.  But wait — Cylinders make great containers for all kinds of household utensils – Smaller cylinders for pencils (or pottery tools), larger containers for KITCHEN UTENSILS!!

In my kitchen, I definitely prefer wood or bamboo utensils.  When I stash these into various cylindrical containers — I love the contrast of ceramic and natural wood/bamboo.  Example Above:  The chopsticks and rice paddles in two different wood fired vessels.  These are ‘older’ Maasha Pots, but I’m totally attached to them and their functionality.

And when I’m cooking and sauteing at the stove, I really need to be able to grab whatever utensil I want (no cooking utensils in drawers).  Example Above:  I love the look of all my wood and bamboo spatulas in the wood fired Maasha Pot — Squared, dented, organic; just the right size (proportion) for my cooking utensils.

And then there’s the small, very miscellaneous pot with various smaller utensils.  Again, I love the contrasting look of earthy ceramic with natural bamboo and wood.  And the Kitchen Frog keeps everything happy!

3 thoughts on “Happy Cylinders!

  1. Excellent!
    We stripped our family room in the early summer and most of the “stuff” was put in the little studio space i have. I am back at the wheel and finding my center.
    I may just make some larger cylinders.


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