Farmhouse Pizza and a Winner!!

Summer Give-Away #3 – A Winner!

So happy to announce the Winner (by random drawing) of my Summer Give-Away #3!  Congratulations to Pam Huckins, a potter in Lincoln, Nebraska; she enjoys working in sgraffito.  Pam wins the charming Pitcher/Ewer made by Sarah Lawless (of BC, Canada)!

And to EVERYONE who shared lovely Comments – Thank you!  Thank you!  I so enjoy hearing from you — I hope to be offering another Give-Away soon.

And, I realize I’ve been rather focused on my vacation photos lately —  It’s now time I shared some FOOD with everyone….

The Food – Farmhouse Pizza:

Recently, at a favorite pub, I had a Farmhouse Flatbread Pizza — With some tasty late-summer veggie flavors.  It was quite enjoyable, but the crust was more crispy/crackery than I like.  I really wanted to make my own version, with a ‘breadier’ crust — I chose already-baked Naan.

I spread a smoosh of pesto.  Then I added chopped artichoke (canned, drained), cooked chicken breast (thinly sliced/diced), roasted and chopped beet (both red and golden).  Finally, a sprinkle of my favorite Italian mountain cheese (Trugole).

Yes, I already had ingredients on hand; so the assembly was quick and easy.  And it turned out like a Garden-on-a-Crust!  I think it looks perfect (with the sparkly red beet bites) on the dark, rich plate by Sarah Lawless (featured in my previous post).

Wishing everyone a happy Late-Summer.  And again, CONGRATULATIONS to Pam Huckins!!

2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Pizza and a Winner!!

  1. Thank you, Marcia! I am excitedly waiting to hold the little Sarah Lawless ewer! As always, your food sounds so good and looks just perfect paired with that plate. Homemade pizza on a homemade plate. It doesn’t get much better than that. – Pam

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