Lovely Plate — Lovely Cake

Apricot / Almond Cake

I know, I know — In my previous posting, I raved about peaches, wonderful summer peaches.  But now, I cannot resist sharing another goodie — I love apricots as well as peaches.  And when I stumbled on an intriguing recipe for Apricot/Almond Cake — I simply had to try it!!  And share it here on a lovely Platter made by Jim Lorio!

The Food – Apricot/Almond Cake:

I have been trying recipes with almond flour (or almond meal) this summer.  Then I discovered this Apricot/Almond Cake — Full of almond flavor, and plenty of fresh, sliced apricots.  Truly, I could not resist — I had to try it immediately.

It was quite quick and easy, and turned out with a texture I’m calling ‘almost-marzipan.’  Every bite was absolute heaven — Rich almond with summery, tangy apricot!  And being a major almond-lover, I served with an Almond Custard Sauce.

Recipe included on my Recipes Page!

The Pottery — Platter by Jim Lorio:

I am presenting my lovely Apricot/Almond Cake on a lovely white Platter and a small rimmed Plate, both made by Jim Lorio from Boulder, Colorado.  I featured these pieces earlier this year after the St. Croix Pottery Tour.

I really love these pieces — The Platter, hand-built with uneven edge, the smaller Dessert Plate, wheel-thrown.  Both made with a dark, rustic stoneware, with a rich, silky, snowy-white glaze.  I’m fascinated with the intriguing darker/black dreamy-liquid spots, like a minimalist water color painting!  I find these pieces both rustic and elegant — Perfect for serving wonderful summer cake!

Hope everyone is still enjoying a tasty summer!

5 thoughts on “Lovely Plate — Lovely Cake

    • Hi Sue — Wow, that was a quick comment! And yes, the cake was amazing/delicious. And I’m really loving these pieces by Jim Lorio! Hope you’re having a GREAT summer — Marcia

    • Hi Joan! Good to hear from you. Actually, we’re getting ready to head up to Canada in a few weeks — BC, the Selkirks, and of course, Banff.
      Hope you’re having a good summer — Marcia

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