Ahhhh — Peaches

Peaches, Pottery, and Peach Cobbler:

Of all the summer goodies (fruits,veggies) that I’ve been featuring lately – I have to say that Peaches are my favorite!!  Peaches are true summer heaven!

There is nothing quite like a perfect peach — Perfect texture, perfect sweetness, perfect juicy balance.  But here in the Midwest, it can be difficult to be sure that I’m getting perfect peaches. I’m thrilled that I recently managed to find (and purchase) some oh-so-wonderful perfect peaches.

I think they look soooooo tempting on a long tray made by Minnesota artist, Sandra Shaughnessy!  A favorite in my collection, the tray is white stoneware, wonderfully soda fired.  The peaches looked so perfect and so inviting, I couldn’t resist devouring one with a few intense chomps!  And then, with remaining peaches, making a Peach Cobbler.

The Food – Peach Cobbler:

I really LOVE Peach Cobber!!  I tossed the cut-up peaches with a bit of sugar (and lemon juice) and plopped into a Maasha Baking Dish.  Then, I mixed up a simple sweet-biscuit cobbler dough — Then dropped spoonfuls of the dough onto the peaches, with a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon.  The ‘cobbles’ really blended together during baking (they usually remain a bit more separated).  It didn’t matter what it looked like – It was all sooooo peachy delicious!!

I’ll say it again — I really LOVE Peach Cobbler!!

The Pottery – Maren Kloppmann:

For serving, I thought the cobbler looked fantastic in a square bowl made by Minnesota artist, Maren Kloppmann – Porcelain, satin black glaze with white accent.  I think the presentation of cobbler and ice cream with Maren’s minimalist style says it all — Stunning!

And that’s my Peaches-and-Pottery posting — Hope everyone is enjoying perfect peaches!

And — Links to both Minnesota Artists….

 – Sandra Shaughnessywww.SandraShaughnessy.com

 – Maren Kloppmannwww.MarenKloppmann.com


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