A Summer Curry — And a Winner!

More Summer flavors — A tasty Chicken Curry in a new Maasha Bowl!

And a WINNER for my Summer Give-Away #2!!

The Winner is Matt Bruns, of Ohio!  He refers to himself an ‘aspiring’ potter.  By random drawing, he wins the set of two Maasha Snack Trays.  CONGRATULATIONS to Matt!!  To view some of Matt’s delightful pottery, here is a link to his Pottery Blog:  http://brunspottery.blogspot.com/

And to EVERYONE who posted Comments – Thank you so much!! I loved hearing from you!  Hope everyone’s looking forward to the next Summer Give-Away (late August)!

And now, the Food – A Tasty Summer Curry:

A very tasty, summer curry — Grilled (Tandoori) Chicken with a Curry of Spinach, Apricot and Apple.

OK — I’m pretty sure this is not even close to an ‘authentic’ curry.  But it was definitely full of wonderful, fragrant curry spices and flavors.  For the Chicken, I did a ‘Tandoori’ thing.  I marinated Chicken Breast in yogurt mixed with a wee bit of curry powder, cardamon, clove and more.  A wonderful marinade for grilling!

For the actual curry sauce — I sauteed more spices along with plenty of garlic and ginger.  Then, sauteed separately — Onion and chopped apple.  I added broth, dried apricots and spinach.  Finally, thickened with a bit more yogurt.  Served with a bit of rice and sauteed eggplant (and naan wedges).

WOW– So full of flavors (fragrant, tangy, refreshing) balanced with the smokey grilled chicken!

The Pottery — Maasha Bowls (Everything Bowls):

The Chicken Curry was so enjoyable in one of my Maasha Everything Bowls — Stoneware, slips with ash glazes, linear design.

I featured these bowls a few months ago (Link); I consider them my ‘Everything/Anything Bowls‘.  They’re a great size and shape for so many one-dish meals — Pastas, curries, chili, salads.  And they’re also very handy as small-medium size serving bowls.  I’ve been using a tape-resist technique to create some new ‘designs’ — Zigs and zags with a few pops of bright color (in this case, a red shino).  Just having design fun!

Finally — Again, CONGRATULATIONS to Matt Bruns as my July Winner!!

And it’s already August — I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!!


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