Summer Blueberries

Summertime!  I used to go blueberry-picking with my kiddos every summer.  At a wonderful blueberry farm – That hauled us out to the rows and rows of huge blueberry bushes, where we filled our buckets with really big, plump, sweet blueberries.  Then we jumped back on the tractor to go in and weigh our berries — And went home with yummy plans for our many pounds of fresh blueberries.

Here in Minnesota, I still enjoy the memories of picking blueberries.  And I definitely still enjoy eating them — Especially in hand-made pottery!

 A Bowl of Blueberries:

A simple bowl of Blueberries and Cream (and a few peach bites for garnish) – All drizzled with a bit of Maple Syrup.  Perfect flavors for an up-north summer morning!  And the Bowl — A ‘favorite’ Maasha Bowl.  I made this small, rustic bowl during a workshop at Penland in North Carolina.  Totally hand-made, carved — Earthy ash glaze.

Blueberry Crostata:

And, it’s not summer unless I bake something with blueberries.  I often make a blueberry crisp or a crumble (so easy) — But I’ve been in the mood for a pie, or a simpler Blueberry Crostata.  I mixed up and  rolled out the crust, I rolled out a layer of almond paste as well; then plopped on the berries mixed with sugar.  Then I simply folded over the crust; I love that ‘pouchy’ effect of a crostata.  When baked, I tried it out on a new Pedestal Cake Stand (stoneware, slips with ash glazes).  Then, I cut it into wedges for serving!

I know, I know — Blueberries inevitably look messy when served.  But DELICIOUS — With whipped cream and just a few fresh raspberries.  And that layer of almond paste balanced so well with the blueberries — Awesome flavors!  Served on two small Maasha Plates — Hand-made, stoneware with a textured edge; slips with ash glazes.  Perfect dessert plates.

Hope everyone’s enjoying at least a few blueberries this summer.

5 thoughts on “Summer Blueberries

  1. Are you willing to share your crust recipe? I’m trying all I can find this summer, looking for a favorite to play with, and yours looks quite satisfying. Lovely cake plate, too….(smile)

    • Hi Joy — Good to hear from you! Thanks for your comment and interest in the crust. I featured this crust last September (with Peaches), but never published the Recipe. It’s from Alice Waters/Chez Panisse — I’ll type it up and send to you!
      Hope you’re having a good Summer — Marcia

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