Too Hot to Grill

It’s been VERY HOT the past several weeks.  Here in Minnesota, we’ve had multiple days over 100 degrees — That’s HOT with MUGGY!  Watermelon on a Sushi Tray is very much appreciated!

With this heat, I’m feeling deliberately trapped — I’ve not strayed much from my home/studio.  I do not want to go out to my garage to measure out materials for my glazes.  I do not even want to go out to the grocery store.  And I’m certainly glad I’m not loading an outdoor kiln this week!

And even though I would LOVE to be grilling, it’s just  too hot to spend time on the deck and grill!  But I thought I would share a few new bowls and plates — With some very basic dinners that I did NOT grill.  One night (several nights) I made Burgers; another night (after digging through my freezer) I prepared Steak Tacos.  Summer food I did NOT grill!

The Food — Burgers and Steak Tacos:

Burgers with Sweet Potato Sticks:  I don’t fix Burgers often — But when I do, I like just the basics.  Good ground beef, plenty of cheese, carmelized onions, and a fresh, rustic bakery bun!  And because I don’t do French Fries at home, I oven-roasted some Sweet Potato Sticks (tossed first with a bit of spice).  Actually, a quite tasty Not-Grilled Dinner!

Steak Tacos: For the Tacos, I used one beef tenderloin filet (from the freezer) — Cut up into thin chunks.  Marinated, then quickly sauteed/seared — Then mixed into a Taco Sauce (I had Fronterra Sauce on hand — Very easy, very tasty).  When ready, I piled all into flour tortillas with the usual — Lettuce, tomato, cheese.  I served with Black Refried Beans and Salsa; also a bit of last summer’s corn.  Another satisfying Not-Grilled Dinner!

The Pottery – New Plates, New Bowls

I’ve been enjoying my Not-Grilled meals in some new, recently fired Maasha plates and bowls.  It’s always so much fun to use new pots right away!  My new very overlapped plates (small platters) made  perfectly fantastic Dinner Plates for both the Burgers and the Tacos.  Stoneware, slips with ash glazes — Handbuilt, deliberate constructional statements.

And I’ve been trying some new designs on a few of my pots lately.  I’m having fun with the very geometric statements (two different slips) contrasted with the more lively black marks.  I’ve been applying this approach to various bowls and plates and trays (still experimenting).  You may be seeing more of this in the future.

Finally — It’s actually cooled down a bit today.  So, Happy Summer; hope everyone is staying comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Too Hot to Grill

  1. The work is very interesting and the food looks great on the plates, colours etc very appealing looking forward to seeing more. Hope you are getting some cooler weather soon.

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