A Quick Summer Soup — And a Winner

It’s time for Summer veggies — And Summer flavors!

It’s also time to announce the WINNER of my Summer Give-Away #1!!

The Winner is Christy Culp, a busy Potter in Pennsylvania!!  By random drawing, she wins the lovely (very turquoise) Jan Bilek Vase!  CONGRATULATIONS to Christy!!  To view some of Christy’s delightful pottery, here is a link to her Web Site:  www.2PearsPottery.blogspot.com

And Thank-You to EVERYONE – For all your comments!!  Hope you’re all looking forward to the next Summer Give-Away (in a few weeks)!

And now, the Food A Quick Summer Soup:

I recently stumbled on a recipe for a Yellow Zucchini Soup.  It sounded tasty-perfect for Summer – A quick, thrown-together Soup; good hot or cold.  I immediately lost the recipe, but I certainly remembered the concept — Veggies with the addition of potato as a creamy thickener.

I sautéed leek, and summer squash (could not find Yellow Zucchini).  I added a bit of chicken broth — Then, for creaminess, Yukon Gold potato AND sweet potato.  After simmering a bit, I simply used an immersion blender to puree everything.  I added more broth to a desired ‘soup’ consistency – And continued heating.  Quick and easy!!  I served with a garnish of chopped dill (and a squeeze of lemon).

I enjoyed it hot, but this would make a great COLD soup as well – For this very hot Summer.

Recipe on my Recipes Page.

The Pottery – Simon Levin Bowls:

I’m serving my tasty Summer Soup in two simple-but-stunning bowls made by Simon Levin, of Wisconsin.  A light, smooth stoneware; wood fired, with a rich glossy-white interior glaze, and a hint of texture on the exterior.  I acquired these bowls recently at the St. Croix Pottery Tour – Actually, my husband picked them out.  In any case, they’re perfect for a small serving of (very tasty) Summer Soup.

Finally — Wishing a HAPPY Summer to everyone (and an enjoyable Fourth-of-July)!  And again, CONGRATULATIONS to Christy Culp!!

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