Summer Give-Away #1

WOW – Summer has arrived, and I’ve not posted in a while.

My apologies!  My husband was out of town (San Francisco) for several weeks.  I stayed home (silly me) and became overly involved in a few home-remodeling projects (actually, home AND studio remodeling).  I became so involved/focused, I totally quit cooking!!  Consequently, I’ve not had anything yummy to share here on my Blog.

I guess I took an unexpected break.  Yes, I made plenty of new pots, and bowls, and more; but I truly took a break from foodie (and photo) endeavors.  But husband has returned, and I’m here posting again….

And to make up for my absence, I’m offering the first of three Summer Give-Aways (several pieces from my collection)!

Summer Give-Away #1:

For the month of June (it is still June), I’m offering a lovely (REALLY lovely) Vase made my Minnesota Artist, Jan Bilek!  Jan is right here in the Twin Cities; she worked in porcelain, she made exquisite vases and vessels (see below); she won a number of awards, was featured in Ceramics Monthly.  She has, however, moved from clay to glass.

I have several of Jan’s pieces; her work has a very fluid, glass-like quality.  For this Give-Away I am offering this small Turquoise Vase with intriguing, uneven Rim — Lovely.

If you’d like to give this piece a new home (USA only, please) — Simply enter a Comment by 12:00 midnight June 30th for a random drawing.  Winner will be notified!

Procedure (very simple):

1 –You send in a Comment (click on ‘Comments’ below)….

Let me know if you’re a fellow potter, a fellow blogger, why you would love a new Vase in your life, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter as often as you wish; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

2 — I will compile all Comments received by the Deadline of Saturday, June 30th (Midnight).  I will hold a random drawing.

3 — I will announce the Winner on the following Blog Post.  (I will contact Winner to obtain a ship-to address)

Suggestion:  If you’re not already a Subscriber, just enter your Email Address (above, upper right) to receive notices of MaashaClay Postings.

And, just below — An example of Jan Bilek’s work, Three Pears.

And to EVERYONE reading my Blog — Yes, I’m cooking/grilling again!  And hope you’re having a GOOD Summer!!

8 thoughts on “Summer Give-Away #1

    • Hi Aleta —
      Thanks for your Comment! Where in Alberta? My husband and I LOVE Canada — (Friends in Calgary, Banff)!
      And, yes, a lovely turquoise!
      Thanks again — Marcia

  1. How nice to be afforded time to simply do for you! I know I can get sucked into to the studio… Yesterday’s lunch was fresh mango and blueberries- now that’s not cooking in the best way. Of course come winter that won’t happen unless I move to some tropical locale! I love the pears!!!

  2. I am a potter who has just been able to go back to potting full time after a 13 year hiatus of sorts to raise my identical twin daughters. I live in a beautiful canyon in CA, it’s a bit remote.I’ve missed seeing and talking with other potters. I’ve missed touching their work. I’m so enjoying being back in the studio. Thanks for your blog – I’ve been following it for awhile now. I really really liked your squared plates that kind of looked like you tore them up and put them back together again and your bowls …oh, I really like your work!

    • Hi Bonnie —
      Thank you so much for your Comment (and your compliment)!! Of course, I’m jealous of your canyon in California (we don’t really have any canyons here in Minnesota). And I totally understand ‘returning’ to pottery after those years of raising offspring. Good for you!!
      Thanks again — Marcia

  3. I’m an old friend who loves your work and your blog and has many of your pieces in my home in Illinois. This beautiful vase would be a lovely compliment to our new home in Colorado.

    You and Bob should come out and visit and become inspired. See you in July?

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