Dine-With-Friends — Dinner with Steve Rolf

Springtime Dinner with Steve Rolf and Family!

A year ago, I stated that I was launching a new feature on my Blog — Calling it Dine-With-Friends.

Wow — It’s taken me an entire year to arrange a second event (so much planning).  Again, the concept:  I invite a few Pottery-Friends for dinner, I plan the menu and prepare the food, friends bring their own pottery; together we arrange and photograph each course.  Then we DINE — And I feature the tasty event here on my Blog!!

The Potter — Steve Rolf:

For my (finally) second official Dine-With-Friends, I invited pottery-friend Steve Rolf and Family — Steve, wife Jacky, kiddos, and Steve’s parents.  Steve lives in River Falls, Wisconsin (almost Minnesota).  He creates wonderful, sensuous, perfect-for-the-table pottery.  He uses a very dark, fine-particle (very smooth) claybody, and has developed the silkiest, satin glazes.  Everything Steve makes is ‘perfection’, sublime!  Link to Steve’s Web Site — www.scRolfPotter.com.

The Food — Salmon Dinner:

We started our Dinner with a bunch of bright, fire-red tulips — In one of Steve’s intriguing Vases, on its very own pedestal/stand.   For this vase, he used a dusty Korean Celadon glaze — A wonderful contrast with the bright red tulips!!

And now, the Springtime Menu….

— Naan Pizzas with Jalapeno, Apple, Bacon and Fontina

— Salad of Greens, Golden Tomato and Strawberries

— Maple/Fig Glazed Salmon with Apple/Fig Topping

— Wild Rice Pilaf and Fresh Asparagus with Shiitake

— Chocolate/Almond/Orange Flourless Cake

— Maple Creme Mousse

Note — Most recipes are already included on my Recipes Page.  I’ve added two additional — The tasty Pizza and delightful Chocolate Cake.

Appetizer — Naan Pizzas with Jalapeno, Apple, Bacon, Fontina

For the Appetizer we made small Pizzas — Using ready-made Naan as the crust.  I had made a zippy Jalapeno Pesto ( jalapeno and cilantro); then we added sauteed apple, smokey bacon, and plenty of grated Fontina cheese.  Wonderful flavors — Everyone loved these Pizzas!

Jacky arranged Pizza Bites on a simple-but-dramatic rectangular tray — Wheel-thrown as a round plate, then cut to a rectangular form, with rounded edges for wonderful definition; dusty Korean Celadon glaze.

Salad of Greens, Golden Tomato and Strawberries:

Jacky had fun preparing the Salad — So colorful with spring greens, baby arugula, golden tomatoes, and big luscious strawberries (I think we threw in some snow peas as well).  A light drizzle of blush dressing.  The Salad looked absolutely stunning in a large serving bowl, dark brown glaze over textured slip along the rim.  Everyone needs a salad bowl like this!!

And for individual servings, Salad served in some of my favorite Steve Rolf bowls.  Smallish, perfect for salad (or soup) — Tenmoku glaze.

Entree — Maple/Fig Glazed Salmon with Apple/Fig Topping:

We served the Entree on several different dinner plates.  Maple/Fig Glazed Salmon, oven-roasted, with a topping of tangy sauteed Apple and Fig; accompanied by a Wild Rice Pilaf with Leek and Dried Apricot; and fresh Asparagus with Shiitake Mushroom.  A very springtime meal!!

Plate #1 — A rimmed plate with center ‘combed’ for texture and design, then a white-slip inlay.  All coated with a clear satin glaze — Subtle dusty tones, with interest; perfect for food!

Plate #2 — A rimmed plate with wonderful ‘chunky’ texture on the rim — Glazed with a rich Amber Celadon.  I love the way the glaze breaks and pools over the textured rim.  Both plates, a perfect presentation for any entree!

Dessert — Maple Creme Mousse:

We enjoyed TWO desserts!  My Maple Creme Mousse — Creamy, heavenly maple-syrup sweetness!  Served in several of Steve’s small bowls — Silky satin matte glaze over a dark-ash wash.  Truly lovely effect over soft-textured exterior.  I LOVE these bowls — We all loved the Maple Creme Mousse!!

Dessert — Chocolate/Almond/Orange Cake:

We also enjoyed a (very special) Chocolate/Almond Flourless Cake!  Made with chocolate, ground almonds, orange zest — Wonderful flavors and texture.  Served on a Pedestal Cake Stand, with a complex blue/grey satin matte glaze.

Steve’s daughter, Christina, did an expert job styling the cake with fresh pansies for a simple, springtime look.  Then she discovered that pansies made a tasty nibble when she dipped them in powdered sugar.  Oops — She ate most of the pansies!

Finally, we all enjoyed a slice of Chocolate/Almond Cake with fresh Berries — Light, moist, complex-chocolate flavors!  Served on Steve’s Dessert Plates — White porcelain, combed for texture, with dark slip inlay design.  A lovely contrast to the Chocolate Cake.

And that was our Dinner — Totally served on Steve Rolf Pottery!!  We all had so much fun arranging each course — And dining together!!  As always, a major THANK YOU to my husband, Bob, the Photo-Guy.  I will definitely do this again — Invite Pottery-Friends for Food and Photos.

For more ‘perfection’ pottery, visit Steve’s Web Site — www.scRolfPotter.com

Finally, just in case you’re interested….

Here is Link to my previous Dine-With-Friends posting.

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