Late Spring – Peonies

Late Spring; the Peonies are beginning to bloom.  I grew up in a yard FULL of Peonies — I’ve always loved Peonies.

With the Holiday Weekend upon us, (and the fact that I’m still recovering from my MANY May weekends of Art/Pottery Shows) — I’m simply sharing some lovely, fluffy, sweet-smelling, pink peonies!

The Pottery:

Peonies in a simple, white squared vase.  I made this vessel a few years ago; white stoneware, hand built, wood fired with ash drips.  Certainly a suitable presentation for Peonies.

And a safe and enjoyable Holiday Weekend to everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Late Spring – Peonies

  1. I just got back from picking some at my childhood home….40+ plants whites, pinks, pinks and yellows, scarletts, fuschias… but the early spring and frost hit them hard and many of the bushes didn’t have buds. I’m hoping next year will be better. The smell of a house full of peonies is perfection!

    • Hi Christy — Thank you for your recent comment on my Peonies posting! The house (the yard) that I grew up in had TONS of left-over hybrid peonies (from previous owners). And yes, they smell so perfectly lovely!!
      — Marcia Paul

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