St. Croix Goodies – 2012

Exhausted but recovering!!  Once again, after TWO weekends of Art/Pottery Tours, I’m a bit tired!!

First, my own Lake Minnetonka Tour — Then this past weekend, I was helping out with the St. Croix Pottery Tour.

Once again, it was so much fun to mix and mingle with so many people (and pots) over two separate weekends!

So I’m recovering — Reviewing (and sharing) some of  the wonderful pieces I purchased from some of the wonderful potters!!  And, quite unexpectedly, it seems to be a black-and-white year.  I’m usually a Minnesota-Brown/Rust girl — But this year I went for those contrasting black and light tones.….

Above:  Mark Shapiro — Two Black Rimmed Plates

Mark Shapiro is a wood fire potter from Massachusetts.  I loved these dinner plates (I chose two) — The warm, mottled, rope-textured inner area, contrasted with the ashy solid-black rim.  And I LOVE the subtle six-sided geometry of the rim!  I can’t wait to enjoy ‘something’ for dinner on these plates!

Above:  Guillermo Cuellar — Wood Fired Vase

Guillermo is one of the Host Artists on the Tour (where I was working).  This lovely vase was a perfect find!!  Made by Guillermo, but wood fired in Simon Levin’s kiln.  Wonderful wood fire effects; I consider this a prize!

Above:  Jim Lorio – Snowy White Platter and Rimmed Plate

Jim Lorio is from Boulder, Colorado. I LOVE the platter I picked out — Hand-built with uneven edge; and the smaller dessert plate.  Both with a rich, snowy-white glaze — With intriguing darker/black dreamy-liquid spots.  Each, a minimalist water color painting!

Above:  Simon Levin — Small Rimmed Bowl

Simon Levin, from Wisconsin, always creates wonderful wood fired work.  I thought this small rimmed bowl was simply stunning!!  Again, a black rim — With soft, ethereal wood fire effects and orange moon inside.  Wonderful, mysterious, stunning!

Another Sale coming Up:

The Tours are over — And I’m LOVING my new pots!!  Yes, I acquired a few more pieces, but I’ll have to share them at a later time.

Now I MUST get ready for another Sale this weekend….  Art-A-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis; my Studio at Northrup King Building.  Maybe you’ll have a chance to stop by??


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