St. Croix Pottery Tour – This Weekend!

Tour Starts Today!!

I’m still ‘recovering’ from my own Studio Tour this past weekend, but I LOVE helping out with the St. Croix Pottery Tour every year. At Guillermo Cuellar’s studio — With artists Steve Rolf, Jim Lorio, Simon Levin, Dick Cooter, and more!!  So all day Thursday, we worked hard setting up — So many potters, so many pots; so many wonderful, delightful pots.  I finally took a few photos late in the day.

The Food — Seafood Paella:

After all our hard work, Guillermo (and son) prepared a fabulous dinner for us — Seafood Paella cooked in a gigantic pan over an open fire.  Starting with sauteed onion and sweet pepper, then much seafood (shrimp, scallop, calamari, mussels), then pre-cooked chicken legs (drumsticks), then rice and broth with heavenly Spanish spices.  When all was simmering, totally covered and allowed to cook for a bit; then served — Awesome flavors, awesome meal!!

Then, as the sun was setting — I took a few more photos….

And now I’m running back to Guillermo’s to work the rest of the weekend.  This is the twentieth anniversary of the Tour.  Seven Sites (Host Potters) on the Tour; all with wonderful Guest Potters — A Pottery Weekend!!

Hope you can visit the Tour — You just might find a pot to love!

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