Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour – This Weekend!

Yes — This Weekend!

Once again, I’m getting ready for Open Studio/Tour this weekend!!  And I know I’ll be busy till the last minute – We just loaded/fired the Soda Kiln one more time this week; I still have a major clean-up in my Studio.

But I’m certainly excited about all my new pots, and the way everything is coming together!

– Selection of Soda Fired pieces (bright and geometric)

– Plenty of my stoney ‘Maasha’ pieces (tableware, tableware)

– Lots of Garden Mushrooms, and Turtles, and other Critters

– Guest Artists — Suzanne Thiesfeld and Sandra Shaughnessy

– Yummy Refreshments

And speaking of refreshments — I’ve been baking a new Lavender/Lemon Bread, and of course, plenty of my Banana/Apricot Bread.  All served on handmade pottery!

If you’re in the Twin Cities — Hope you can stop by, and check out other sites/studios on the Tour as well.  Fifty participating Artists (26 Host Sites) make a FUN and ART-FILLED event!!

The TOUR –

Guest — Suzanne Thiesfeld / Painter —

Guest — Sandra Shaughnessy / Potter —


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