Pasta Bowls / Pasta Bowls

My Studio Tour (Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour) is only two weeks away!  And I’m in the final countdown getting ready — Finishing pots, still firing pots, preparing refreshments (lots of banana bread), preparing my house, my home studio (clean/organize/clean).

I’m also needing a tasty (comfort-food) meal now and then.  Take-out is very much appreciated (my favorite Indian restaurant); a rotisserie-chicken from the market is fine, a simple sandwich in a pinch…..

But with all the Pasta Bowls I’ve been making (stacks and stacks of Pasta Bowls), I’ve had a taste for Polenta with Mushroom Topping — Creamy polenta with an intense, rich topping of mushrooms, bacon, and roasted garlic.

The Food — Creamy Polenta with Mushroom Topping:

Several years ago, at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon, I had a most heavenly serving of polenta with mushrooms; I’ve always wanted to replicate that dish.

I prepared the Polenta — Simmered in both chicken broth and cream; added plenty of grated white cheddar (and a wee bit of goat cheese).  For the Mushroom Topping — I sauteed bits of very-smokey bacon, then mushrooms (crimini, shiitake, porcini), then added many cloves of roasted garlic.  I tied it all together with a sauce of chicken broth, sherry, porcini liquid (from soaking the porcini mushrooms, strained), and heavy cream — And herbs, rosemary, thyme.  Yes!  A rich, intense, utterly fantastic Mushroom Topping, perfect for the creamy, cheesey Polenta!!

Apologies — Because this was such a ‘thrown-together’ dish, I do not yet have a reliable recipe.  Stay tuned.

The Pottery — Pasta Bowls (Everything Bowls):

The Polenta with Mushroom Topping was perfect in one of my Maasha Pasta Bowls — Stoneware, slips with ash glazes, geometric design.

Actually, I consider these bowls ‘Everything/Anything Bowls‘.  They’re a great size and shape for so many one-dish meals — Pastas, curries, chili, salads.  And they’re also very handy as small-medium size serving bowls.

And now I must return to BUSY — Still so much preparation for the Studio Tour!  If you’re in the Twin Cities, hope you can stop by!

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3 thoughts on “Pasta Bowls / Pasta Bowls

  1. Glad I asked you to make some of these for me. They are even more appealing with the mushroom polenta. Looking forward to the recipe.

  2. Hi Marcia –

    I’d love to stop by for the show this weekend, but we have a lot going on, so I’m not sure I’ll see you. I was wondering if you are making any mushrooms this year. I’d love to buy a couple if you are.

    Also, love the design for your pasta bowls. I use them often.


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