So Very Busy – New Pots

Getting Ready for Sales in May!

I’ve been soooooo busy, getting ready for TWO major Art Sales in May.  My Studio Sale with Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour is the first weekend of May (May 5th and 6th).  That’s barely one month away — That’s only enough time for two (maybe three) more firings.  Yes, I’m already feeling frantic!

The Lake Minnetonka Tour is always a GREAT event.  Twenty-six artist studios open throughout the Lake area neighborhoods.  I open my home and studio; I’ll be hosting two other artists — Sandra Shaughnessy (potter) and Suzanne Thiesfeld (painter).

Here is Link —

Then, two weeks later (mid-May), I’ll be participating in Art-a-Whirl at my Studio (my ‘other’ Studio) with Julie Timm in Northeast Minneapolis.

Two major sales right on top of each other — I’m not accustomed to such ‘production’.  I’ve been making and making and making pots — A few pieces have zipped ahead of me and become too dry before I could finish (handbuilding is all about timing).  And I’ve already mixed up more batches of glazes.  And I’ve been making many treks to my two different firing centers for soda firing and reduction firing.

I thought I’d share some of the many stacks of pots I’ve been making.  I’ve been getting some great results in the soda kiln.  And we just loaded/fired the kiln yesterday….

Above:  Stacks and stacks of my Sushi Plates — A very ‘ashy’ look.

Above:  My pedestal Overlapped Bowls have been getting GREAT results — Stunning as a serving bowl.

Above:  Many (new) Small Plates — Nice for a small happy-bite.

Above:  A few playful Mugs.

If you’re in the Twin Cities — Hope you’ll mark your calendars for one (or both) of the sales!


2 thoughts on “So Very Busy – New Pots

  1. Happy Tour to you! I’m loving the edges of your small plates. This evening, I had pasta with ramps and a little zucchini/basil/white bean soup on top, since it’s cold here. It would have looked wonderful in one of your everything bowls…. (smile) -Joy

    • Hi Joy — Thank you for your comment! I love making those small plates, and the edges are always totally random. Your springtime bean-soup pasta sounds comfort-food delicious. Hope you’re warming up with Spring!

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