Early Spring – Amazing!

Here in the upper Midwest, we have been experiencing several weeks of the most amazing early Spring!  The warm temperatures are incredible — Day after day of wonderful Springtime.  The trees and bushes are budding; the grasses are already green; the ice is off the lakes.  All at least a month ahead of time.

So I’m sharing some Springtime warmth with flowers, in some recently fired pots — Soda fired, mooshy-smooshy pots.


Sunny daffodils always say Springtime.

And why not a bouquet (or two) of happy asparagus??


I’m always so thrilled when my frogs emerge from their muddy hibernation and start roaring from the forest marshes.  And this year, they are sooooooooo early — It’s such a wonderful sound!

Wishing everyone a lovely Spring!

4 thoughts on “Early Spring – Amazing!

    • Yes last week was incredible, warming up the earth but no so warm today in Quebec. I was thinking of the little peeper frogs too but they are still silent here..

    • Hi Sue — Yes, I’ve always thought of myself as Northern-girl, but I’ve never seen Spring this early. And with a bit of humidity, my pots are suddenly drying more slowly!!
      — Marcia

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