Afternoon Tapas with Guillermo

I recently had a chance to invite Guillermo Cuellar and wife Laurie to stop by for a Saturday late-lunch.  They were doing a ‘Market/Show’ at our Minnesota Arboretum – And I live nearby.  I had fun preparing several lunch-bite dishes I’m calling ‘Afternoon Tapas.’  And because they had quite a few pots with them (from the Show), we served lunch on a few Guillermo Plates.  All tasty fun!!

The Food – Afternoon Tapas:

We enjoyed a Cheesey Potato Tapas dish — With Yukon Gold potatoes, smokey bacon, mushroom, and plenty of melty cheese.  I actually got the recipe for this dish from Guillermo’s Web Site several years ago.  We served on one of his small narrow plates (with charming handles); the black Tenmoku glaze perfect for setting off the lighter Pototes!

We noshed on cheesey Chicken Quesadillas with Mango Salsa. I prepared the already-cooked chicken in a favorite Mole Sauce; then sandwiched (with cheese) between two tortillas — A bit of heat to melt the cheese and hold them together before slicing into wedges.  They looked great piled onto a Guillermo Platter!  And I do love this Platter!!

And we definitely enjoyed a bite of Oven-Roasted Salmon with Roasted Tomatoes.  I made a quick Balsamic marinade for the Salmon; roasted Roma tomatoes in the oven (ahead of time), and presented on a bit of sauteed chard.  We served on another small narrow plate; thrown and altered, with ‘funky’ handles, glaze drip-design.

The Pottery – Stack of Pots:

Guillermo’s work is so casual and everyday-friendly – I think it’s fun to see it all stacked together.  Platter, plates, bowl, and a colorful teacup — Creating a playful sculpture.

And, as long as I’m sharing Pots-by-Guillermo, this is a good time to remind everyone to mark your calendars — For the St. Croix Pottery Tour this year; always the second weekend of May.  Guillermo is one of the Host Artists (with many Guest Artists), and I’ll be working as a helper bee.

Link/St. Croix Pottery Tour —

Hope everyone enjoyed ‘Afternoon Tapas’!!

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