A Studio Pet

I know, I’m a bit delayed with this posting. Something about transitioning to a new computer (my husband finally convinced me that I’d LOVE a new laptop). And then a new monitor (because the old one failed); and then some silly step of ‘de-activating’ Photoshop before I could re-activate on my new system and finally work with my photos again.

But I’m still here — With news about my new (probably temporary) Studio Pet — Mr. Turkey.

Potters and Pets:

Many potters enjoy the company of their pets while they work and make pots. Sue Pariseau (wood fire potter in Minnesota) has a friendly dog who often makes a delightful mess with her clay. My neighbor, Donna Winberg, has a kitty who steps gingerly all over her drying pots.

Colleen Riley and Donovan Palmquist (master kiln builder) have several lovable dogs in their studio at all times. Northern Clay Center has had a studio cat for years (I’m not sure if it’s the same cat all this time).

Now, through the past month or so, I’ve acquired a Studio Pet — A wild turkey has totally adopted us. I haven’t really named him, but I do call him ‘Mr. Turkey’. And I chatter and gobble-gobble with him.

A very Turkey Routine:

He starts his day at our front door (just staring at us; waiting to come in?); then he moves around to the back of the house to munch on bird seed (from all the bird feeders).  Then he saunters onto the deck just outside my studio and hangs out there for the rest of the day (curls up to take a nap under a chair).

By evening he flutters (with a VERY clumsy womp-womp-womp) up to a branch in a tall tree to roost for the night. He has become my Studio Pet (for the time being).

And with his big feet, I’m wondering if I could train him to mix my reclaimed clay??


For all the Turkey doo-doo I’m cleaning up (from my decks), I may as well have a dog, or cat, or goose. I actually wouldn’t mind if he wanders off in a few weeks to find a girlfriend and maybe a new home.

Anyone else have a Studio Pet story??

6 thoughts on “A Studio Pet

  1. One of my co workers saw the turkey picture on my computer screen and said “Is Thanksgiving coming early?” so I told him your story. He said it again.

    • Hi Sue — So glad you noticed that I was able to reference you (and Snuffles)! I even looked up your photo of dog-covered-with-clay. Hope you’re enjoying our unbelievable early Spring!
      — Marcia

  2. He’s trying to inspire you. His coloring and shading and pattern are a message that you need to come up with something new like, o say, turkey plates? Or a turkey bowl? ( I like that idea.) Or turkey mugs. Don’t be in such a hurry for him to leave. (Easy for me to say.)

  3. Years ago I had a woodfired kiln near Maiden Rock, WI and it was common to have a young whitetail buck come and check out the activity when I did a firing. Pretty fun! But I didn’t have to clean up after him…

  4. Beautiful bird! Maybe you can make turkeys to go with your frogs, turtles & moose! Can’t wait to see…

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