Another Great Workshop

Again — Sharing the Fire!!

A few months ago (early December), I posted about a wonderful workshop with Minnesota Potters.  Now, again, I just attended the ‘second installment’ of Sharing the Fire — Another great workshop with two more Minnesota potters — Linda Christianson and Jil Franke.  Another day of Mingei-sota potting!

Linda and Jil are good pottery friends.  Linda creates wheel-thrown work; Jil creates hand-built work.  They fire their work together in Linda’s wood fire kiln.  And, together, they provided a great workshop!

Linda Christianson

Linda is known for her lovely, thoughtful wood fired work — Visually engaging, always wonderful to hold and use. Her work offers such an honest, comfortable ‘country’ look — Perfect for food, for morning coffee, for delicious meals with friends!

As she works, she studies and critiques and considers each piece — For aesthetics, for intended usage.  She provides a wonderful, delightful, think-about-your-work perspective for any potter or pottery student.

Jil Franke, creates hand-built pieces — With a strong utilitarian statement, inspired by Midwestern farm structures.  Her work is very precise with deliberate constructional elements.  I quite enjoy her square bowls and boxes; her lidded jars with ‘silo’ tops; and of course, her very geometric surface treatments — The muted stripes and ‘checkerboard’ glazing with the lovely wood and ash firing.

A few more Photos:  I so enjoyed watching Linda and Jil work together and share their stories, their thoughts and ceramics-world insights.  Again, it was a great Workshop!!

Finally — A major THANK YOU to Anoka-Ramsey Community College for sponsoring BOTH Sharing the Fire Workshops!!

And, just in case you missed my posting on the last Workshop — Here are Links:

– Blog Post — Workshop with Warren MacKenzie & Guillermo Cuellar

– Workshop-I Slide Show — Sharing the Fire

Final Note:  Both Linda Christianson and Guillermo Cuellar are Host Artists with the St. Croix Pottery Tour held every May –

2 thoughts on “Another Great Workshop

  1. Marcia, Linda’s work shown here really reminds me of your work. I really like the pitcher. The checkerboard effect on Jill’s jar is great.


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