Mid-Winter Stunning

This is Minnesota; we can always expect plenty of snow, right?  Or, like last year, record-breaking snowfall.  This winter, however — Not so snowy.

And a few weeks ago my husband, Robert, got a new lense for his camera (Christmas/Birthday).  He’s been hoping for a gorgeous snow day — A chance to take some great snow-photos.  Instead, he’s had to settle for FROST; frost and cloudiness.   But the frost makes for some stunning (Minnesota) photos.

In addition to frosty meadows, and ponds, and hillsides, he’s had fun shooting some favorite artwork — From my collection.  I’m sharing some lovely pieces by Minnesota Artist, Maren Kloppmann.  One of her long, footed ‘boat’  forms — Porcelain, hand-built, with stunning black glaze treatment.  I love the lined up tangerines with perky stems — Accentuating the minimal, but dramatic form.

And then, we had to include a companion piece — A square bowl with some cozy (delicious-looking) red pears.  The two pieces together — Our version of contemporary still life.

Maren is a very recognized ceramic artist here in the Twin Cities; here is a Link to her Web Site — www.MarenKloppmann.com

And to go with the the bright red pears, I’m closing with one classic red barn peeking through the frost (and cloudiness).  Hope everyone is enjoying more snow than Minnesota.


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