Maple-Crusted Salmon

Tasty Salmon….

And a Reminder — GIVE-AWAY Still in Process!

Winter is a great time to prepare Salmon — So easily roasted in the oven! Yum!

And, since my last posting, announcing a Give-Away of a special Maasha Pitcher with Maple Syrup — I figured the best way to prepare Salmon for the oven should involve MAPLE SYRUP.  Again, Yum!!

More about my Anniversary Give-Away below….

I’ve prepared this Salmon several (many) times and it always turns out great — With a very easy marinade (with Maple Syrup), with a crumb coating, with a truly easy roasting process.

The Food – Maple-Crusted Salmon:

The preparation is very easy; the Salmon is sooooo tasty!  The Marinade is a simple mix of maple syrup, brown sugar, crushed garlic, a bit of soy sauce, maybe cider or lemon juice.  Sometimes I mix in Crumbs (to provide a ‘coating’), sometimes I do not (in which case, I marinate a bit longer).  A quick and easy roast in a 400 oven — And Salmon is ready, and perfect, and absolutely divine.  A hint of earthy but complex sweetness — Balanced by a topping of sauteed Leek, Apple, and dried Cranberry.

Served on a Maasha Plate — With a bit of Garlic Mashed Potato and Butternut Squash.  A simple, scrumptious, sit-by-the-fireplace, winter meal. And I’ve included the Recipe on my Recipes Page.

More About the GIVE-AWAY:

And now that I’ve nudged your appetite for Maple Syrup, I’m reminding you of the details of my Anniversary Give-Away — A happy Maasha Pitcher (Soda Fired), and Maple Syrup!!  You simply send a Comment by January 31st.

How To Enter (very simple):

1 –You send in a COMMENT (click on ‘Comments’ below)

Let me know if you’re a fellow Potter, a fellow Foodie, a fellow Blogger, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter as often as you wish; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

Suggestion:  If you’re not already a Subscriber, just enter your Email Address (above, upper right) to receive notices of MaashaClay Postings.

2 — I will compile all Comments received by Deadline of Tuesday, January 31st(Midnight)

3 — My Nephew (who just turned SIX) will draw an entry (a random drawing)

4 — I will announce the Winner on the following Blog Post.  (I will contact Winner to obtain a ship-to address)

And to EVERYONE reading my Blog — THANK YOU/THANK YOU for your interest!!   Hoping to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “Maple-Crusted Salmon

  1. Still hoping for a chance at the pitcher…..
    Love your blog and really enjoy your pairings of food
    and pottery.
    Especially like this pitcher.

  2. Thank you for your great posts and for sharing your pottery and recipes with us! I am a potter and foodie. I start my days reading blogs but don’t have one of my own. And I most certainly am planning on a salmon dinner very soon.

    • Hi Pam — And Thank You for you comment; I’m glad you enjoy my Blog (I start my day with a few blogs as well). Hope you enjoy fixing the Salmon as much as I did!
      Thanks again — Marcia

  3. Sounds tasty to me and now my mouth is drooling over the idea of maple syrup! Well, I am an aspiring potter, avid blog reader, non posting blog writer, and I eat and I cook but I don’t think I could be considered a foodie. and by the way you have a beautiful pictures and pots.

    • Hi Matt — Thanks so much for your comment. Glad to hear the Salmon with Maple Syrup sounds tasty (because it definitely is delicious). And thanks for the compliments on the photos (that’s my husband’s contribution).
      Thanks again — Marcia

  4. I love maple syrup and your pottery blog! I am a fellow potter and maybe I will be lucky enough to win your soda fired pitcher. I am most interested in atmospheric firings right now!

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