Two Year Anniversary – Happy GiveAway

WOW — I’ve been Blogging for TWO FULL YEARS!!

Time to CELEBRATE!!  Time for another GIVE-AWAY!!

And again, this second year of Blogging has been a totally FUN (interesting, sometimes challenging) experience!  Again, I’ve loved sharing — The Food, the Pottery, the Photos, the Recipes, the Workshops, my thoughts….

And again, both my husband and I have enjoyed munching our way through all the food I’ve prepared (like the Celebration Pancakes above).

And I hope I’ve continued to offer some insight into the life of a Minnesota Potter (especially, building our new Soda Kiln last May), and the work of other Potters around the country….

So I’m celebrating a SECOND YEAR of Blogging with another Give-Away — I’m offering a Maasha Pot with Goodies!

Give-Away includes:

* Small Maasha Pitcher (Soda Fired)

 (Perfect for Maple Syrup, or Pancake Batter, or a bouquet of Flowers)

Minnesota Goodies….

– Minnesota Maple Syrup

– Package of Swedish Pancake Mix (not pictured)

Note – The Pancakes-With-Berries pictured above were DELICIOUS with Maple Syrup!!


How To Enter (very simple):

1 –You send in a COMMENT (click on ‘Comments’ below)

Let me know if you’re a fellow Potter, a fellow Foodie, a fellow Blogger, or anything else you wish to share.  Yes, you may enter as often as you wish; and feel free to tell your FRIENDS to enter!

Suggestion:  If you’re not already a Subscriber, just enter your Email Address (above, upper right) to receive notices of MaashaClay Postings.

2 — I will compile all Comments received by Deadline of Tuesday, January 31st (Midnight)

3 — My Nephew (who just turned SIX) will draw an entry (a random drawing)

4 — I will announce the Winner on the following Blog Post.  (I will contact Winner to obtain a ship-to address)

And to EVERYONE reading my Blog — THANK YOU/THANK YOU for your interest!!   I can’t wait to continue Blogging with a few new features.

Finally — To encourage you to enter, here is a big bunch of Flowers in the (Give-Away) Pitcher.  Hoping to hear from you!

17 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary – Happy GiveAway

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and talent! Your personality, sense of humor and passion for your art is so evident. When I get the blog notice in my inbox, I feel like you have given me a phone call – and it is always a pleasure. Hugs, Connie

  2. Happy blog anniversary Marcia! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, viewing the pots and drooling over the food. Hope you next year blogging is equally enjoyable.

  3. Happy Anniversary

    Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts. Keeping a blog going is hard work and you do it well:)
    I’m a fellow potter from Sweden. I enjoy seeing your pots. My own kiln has ben resting for a while now and your work makes me whant to get it all going agin:) Good luck with your future work and blogging. I’ll be here folowing you.

  4. Potter/foodie/blogger here…you’re on my “rewards” list of bookmarked blogs. As I finish a task, I can check out a blog or such. Thanks for the many great posts, and the excellent format of pots with food!

    Joy Bridy

  5. Hello Marcia,
    I like your blog because it combines two of my favorite things: pottery and food. Wenn I create new plates, bowls, cups… I must have a specific meal on my mind – otherweise it doesn’t work. Your Give-Away-Pitcher seems to be made for Maple Syrup. 🙂
    Sadly, I am still to shy to write my own blog.

    Greetings from Croatian girl from Switzerland

    • Hi — Just want to say Thank You for your comment; and Thank You for enjoying my Blog. And, yes, it’s fun to have specific food in mind when I’m making a new plate, or platter, or tray, or etc…. And right now, I am making more pitchers!
      Thanks again — Marcia

  6. A fellow potter and a foodie but not a blogger. i’ve been following your blog for a while now and appreciate what you have been cooking up in the kitchen and kiln. Aleta

  7. Just recently found your site when I googled “preparing food with love” . Yes thats definitely what I feel when I see you photos and read your blog. Just beautiful . Beautiful pottery and beautiful food. I love them both too. And oh how well they go together. Thankyou for sharing. love from Deb

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