Happy New Year — With Books!!

WOW — 2012!! Happy New Year everyone!!

I know — I’m a few days late with this posting.  The new year is already six days old — But I’ve been so very busy with my son visiting from Japan and his just-published books.


My older son, Geoff, lives/works in Japan.  For the past ten years, he’s been working on a personal project — Researching his Japanese family history, tracing the roots of six different families, and compiling/organizing the many old photos and documents into book form.

Two separate books, one for his Grandfather’s side (Tani), and one for his Grandmother’s side (Shigeno) — Tracing their ancestral lives in Japan, their immigration to North America in the early 1900’s, developing pages and pages of ‘family tree’ diagrams, writing ‘essays’ explaining the family stories and customs in each culture, verifying every detail.  The books have just been published — And he’s here to distribute/ship to American relatives who ordered them.

The books are AMAZING!  It’s all very exciting (in spite of some printing glitches).  Such a major project, so well done!!  Yes, after ten-plus years — We are definitely CELEBRATING!!

We’re celebrating with two very special Japanese Sake Cups — Wood fired, from Bizen, Japan.

We’re celebrating with a small vase of festive (New Year) flowers!

Again — Happy Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hoping that 2012 is a WONDERFUL year of good friends, good food, great pottery — And good books!!

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year — With Books!!

  1. Congratulations! After seeing the books with their beautiful photos and the exquisite Japanese print I’m excited to view the English copies so I can read about the families and their rich history. Although I think they will appear a little less elegant without the Japanese characters.

    I’m glad you had this time to spend together with your boys and during such a glad occasion.

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