Winter Warm-Up — Oyster Stew

Oyster Stew (with Salmon)!!

Winter has arrived (although we really haven’t had much snow yet).  Everyone seems quite busy getting ready for the holidays.  And while I’m busy glazing many pots, preparing for one last firing before the holidays, I’m in the mood for a very tasty, easy-to-throw-together Soup or Stew.

The Food — Oyster Stew (with Salmon):

Here in the Midwest, late autumn through December is a good time to try to get fresh oysters (and I prefer West-Coast oysters).  Fresh salmon, however, is always available.

Once I have the oysters, the rest of the prep is straightforward and easy!  I simply saute some leek, shiitake mushroom, and smokey bacon (very cut up).  Then, in a large pot, I create a broth with a combination of clam juice, chicken stock and white wine — And heavy cream.  After a short time of simmering, I add the oysters, and then some spinach.  This time, I added chunks of fresh salmon as well.  After just a few minutes of final simmer, I had a truly tasty, and quite hearty, Oyster Stew (with Salmon).  And the oysters and salmon together — Wonderful, decadent!!

I featured this Oyster Stew two years ago, just as I was starting this Blog.  This time, I’m including the Recipe on my Recipes Page — Enjoy!

The Pottery — Windy Ridge Potters

For my Oyster Stew, I chose two lovely wood fired bowls made by Joe and Christy Cole of Windy Ridge Pottery in Wisconsin.  The bowls are a simple, minimalist shape — With lovely, subtle wood fire statements of golden sheen and light ash.  The smaller bowl perfect for any soup; the larger bowl makes a great serving bowl — Also, a great way to serve plenty of fresh, rustic bread for dipping in the tasty Oyster Stew.

I featured one of Joe and Christy’s pots about a year ago, following a Wisconsin Arts Tour.  They are certainly getting lovely results from their wood fire kiln!

And here is a Link to their Web Site —

And here is a bit more (Midwest) winter….

Happy Holiday Season — everyone!!

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