Before I was a Potter

Time for another installment of ‘Before I was a Potter’ — Another chance to share some of the pottery that I acquired earlier in my life, before I became a ceramic artist.

This month I’m sharing a plate that I acquired while I was living in the suburbs outside of Chicago.  I lived out near the Fox River, and I enjoyed going to several small galleries in the quaint village of Geneva, Illinois.

The Pottery — Dinner Plate:

The plate is stoneware; I do not know who the artist is.  I’m amazed at how much I ‘love’ this plate — The earthy (rusty but bright) abstract glaze treatment — Slips, oxides, celadon (or ash) drips around the rim.  I realize that the ‘look’ of ceramic arts has come a long way in the past twenty (plus) years, but without a doubt, I would choose this plate today.

The Food — Salmon with Maple/Fig Glaze:

I thought this ‘rich-looking’ plate deserved a ‘rich-looking’ bit of food.  With some autumn inspiration, I prepared oven-roasted salmon with a maple/fig glaze (easy — fig jam with maple syrup).  Then served with a topping of sauteed apple, fig and a bit more glaze.  Absolutely tangy, tasty, yummy with spaghetti squash and steamed brussels sprouts.  And stunning on my Before-I-was-a-Potter Plate!!

And, to the mystery artist who created this plate — Thank You!

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