Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Last weekend, Art Attack at Northrup King Building (at my new studio with Julie Timm) was great.  A gigantic ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who stopped by our new studio.  And after a bit of recovery, I’ve been busy getting things ready for a few more galleries (with holiday sales coming up).

Now I’m finally enjoying a bit of comfort food — Yummy Bread Pudding that I threw together with some left-over Pumpkin Bread.

The Food — Pumpkin Bread Pudding:

I recently made several loaves of tasty Pumpkin Bread, with pumpkin (canned), the usual spices, and candied ginger.  With one of the extra loaves, I wanted to try a Bread Pudding.  I cut the bread into cubes, tossed with a custard mixture of egg, cream, sugar; added some fresh nutmeg and orange zest.  It was absolutely delightful, truly ‘comfort food’ — And quite refreshing with the orange zest.

And to make it really autumn/seasonal — I served with a drizzle of eggnog and more fresh nutmeg.

The Pottery — Octagon Baker:

I baked my Bread Pudding in my favorite Octagon Baker/Bowl — Stoneware, with white slip and ash glazes.  I’ve always loved how organic this bowl turned out (defined but mooshy-smooshy).  I also thought the white glazing would contrast nicely with the dark pumpkin bread.

I can’t wait to make my Pumpkin Bread again, so I can bake more (octagonal) Bread Pudding!

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