Announcement – New Studio!!

A happy Announcement!

I’ve added a new studio to my pottery-making life!  I’ve moved into a studio, with ceramic artist (and good friend) Julia Timm, in Northrup King Building in northeast Minneapolis.  Studio name is Fresh Mud Pottery — Suite #337.

This is a happy decision for me — I’ll certainly keep my studio in my home (my wheel, my kiln), but there are some exciting reasons for moving a portion of my pottery work to Northrup King.  And, I can work with fewer distractions??

Northrup King is an historic building full of artist studios; with several ‘art events’  throughout the year.  In fact, this first weekend of November — We’ll be participating in ART ATTACK!  ….When all artists open their studios for a major art-crawl-weekend — Showing their work, meeting the public in their workspace.  A great opportunity to visit so many artist studios in one location.

If you live in the Twin Cities, hope you can stop by — Both Julie and I would love to show our new space, and our latest work.  Again, ART ATTACK — Northrup King Building — Suite #337.

Preview — Marcia & Julie Pieces:

Marcia’s Sushi Plates – Stoneware, soda fired.

Julie’s lovely vase — Porcelain, high fired.

Marcia’s Overlapped Bowl — Stoneware, soda fired.

Julie’s Sushi Plate — With favorite origami motif.

Hope to see a few of you this weekend!!

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