Just a Chicken Story

This is a true story — It includes a chicken, a few other creatures, and a few very appropriate pieces of pottery….

First, some Pottery:

To kick off this story, I’m sharing a fun plate by Ron Philbeck, artist in North Carolina.  He works in earthenware and slip, creating delightful drawings and critters on his pots — Happy rabbits, turtles, chickens, even rats.  I certainly enjoy my ‘Chicken Plate’ — It’s perfect for a pasta, or a curry, or for starting a Chicken Story.

You can check out Ron’s Web Site/Blog — www.RonPhilbeckPottery.com

And now, THE STORY — Orville-the-Accidental-Rooster:

I’ve been spending many weekends at my farm in Wisconsin; my niece lives just down the road on another farm.  She is the town veterinarian; her husband has a herd of cows.  Family and friends had gathered at her farm — She was building a timber-frame garden shed.  It was a big timber-raising, shed-raising party.

A good friend brought her dog along, a terrier named Divot.  No one noticed when Divot-the-Terrier got loose and ran straight for the Chicken Barn.  Suddenly there was a major commotion!  Divot-the-Terrier chasing/terrorizing the Chickens — Barking, frantic clucking/screeching, feathers flying.  Eventually, Divot-the-Terrier was caught, removed (and scolded).

As we checked things out a bit, we discovered a nearly-dead-looking Chicken outside the back of the barn. It was Orville-the-Accidental-Rooster — Flat on his back in the mud, helpless, chicken-gasping.  Orville was supposed be a Hen, but accidentally, he turned out to be a Rooster.  He looked nearly dead.


The horses came wandering up. Grace-the-Horse walked over to Orville-the-Rooster, looked down and said, “Hey, buddy, what’s the matter? You don’t look so good.”  Orville gasped, barely audible.  We realized that Orville was still alive — He was rescued, placed in a dark corner of the barn full of soft hay.

 Finally, Sluggo-the-Cat woke up and said, “Oh yawn, what’s the fuss all about?”


A week later, Orville-the-Rooster was nearly recovered — Minus his tail feathers.

And now, a few months later, even his tail feathers (and his ego) have grown back.  But he’s still an ‘accidental’ Rooster.


And now, more Pottery:

Finally, I must include an amazing bowl — A Chicken Bowl made by Minnesota artist, Mike Norman.   Mike works with low-fire clay, creating both sculptural and functional creature-pieces — Elephants, pelicans, bears, more.  So imaginative, amusing, and at the same time, thought-provoking.

I think this chicken, with it’s feet straight up in the air, and its look of puzzled determination, is a perfect way to wrap up this story!!

Hope everyone enjoyed The Chicken Story (and the Pottery)!

2 thoughts on “Just a Chicken Story

  1. Great story. I’ve heard it before and seen the photos, and I enjoyed the retelling. I hadn’t seen Orville with his new tail feathers. He is one fine looking rooster. And the chicken bowl is so fun. Thanks for the story. I’ll pass it on to my grandkids.

  2. I’m so glad Orville recovered!! Poor guy. I saw a few of Mike Norman’s pieces when I visited NCC last. I’d love to see more and even own a piece someday. Maybe next time I’m up that will be on my list of ‘must haves’.
    Thanks for showing my chicken plate. Glad you are enjoying it. Best~Ron

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