Who / What ??

Time for another Quiz-of-the-Month….

WHO is the Artist?  WHAT is the Item?

Who is the Artist:  A small, lovely bowl — Rustic but minimalist form, wonderfully wood fired.  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??  Hint:  Work was recently available at American Pottery Festival.

What is the Item:  Small green, with red-blush edibles.  Can you guess — WHAT is the Item??  Hint:  Not Jelly Bellies, not cranberries.


First, the Artist:  The Artist is – David Peters.  I recently discovered his work (and fell in love) at Northern Clay Center – American Pottery Festival.  He had stunning, minimalist forms that made me swoon.  I cannot find a web site for him, but he is currently located in Montana (Bozeman?).  I’m sharing a few more images of his work that I grabbed off the web.  I really do LOVE his forms (and the rustic, groggy clay)!

Next, the Item:  These wee bites are Kiwi Berries, like miniature Kiwis — Sweeter, and without the fuzz.  I had never encountered these tasty bites.  Apparently they have a very short ripening season.  But they make a yummy grab-and-bite snack, like grapes.  And because my husband loves grapes AND kiwis, he ate nearly all of them.

I’m sure they ‘would’ have been delightful in a salad!

Hope everyone enjoyed another Quiz-of-the-Month!!

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