Autumn Color, Autumn Flavor

We are enjoying an absolutely GORGEOUS Autumn!  Delightful warm temperatures, stunning autumn color!

I’ve been zipping down to my Farm in Wisconsin every other weekend just to enjoy the fabulous scenery — The bright reds and yellows popping out from the forests, the fields turning golden for harvest.  And, with the change of seasons, I’m starting to think about some autumn foods and flavors.

The Food — Pasta with Roasted Squash and Bacon:

I love squash; I love butternut squash.  And I love a classic pasta — Butternut squash ravioli with cream sauce and sage.  I thought I would try a different approach (something easier than ravioli).  Butternut squash — Cut up and roasted in the oven; with a bit of sauteed apple (another autumn ingredient) and smokey bacon.  All tossed with a light cream sauce (seasoned with a bit of nutmeg, and chopped sage) and served over fettucine.

Simple, colorful, tasty — And very autumn!

The Pottery — Maasha Pasta Bowl:

I’m serving my pasta in a simple Maasha Pasta Bowl — Stoneware, slip with ash glazes.  A bit rustic, perfect for a rustic pasta.  I have quite a few of these shallow bowls in my life.  They’re generally ‘leftovers’ from making ‘sets’ of plates/bowls.  I keep them in my ‘miscellaneous’ cupboard — They’re so handy and always perfect for one-dish meals — Pastas, curries, salads, snacks.

And this time — Perfect for my butternut squash pasta!

Autumn Countryside:

And finally, just sharing a few photos from my recent farm trips….


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