Before I was a Potter

Instead of my Quiz-of-the-Month, I’m starting a new series, that I’ll be alternating every other month with my ‘Quiz’.

Before I was a Potter….

I’m going to start sharing the pottery that I acquired earlier in my life, before I became a ceramic artist, before I knew anything about clays, or glazes, or firing methods, or specific artists.  Earlier in my life, while I was raising a family, and working in the corporate/software world, I enjoyed going to arts fairs and galleries.  Pottery was often a favorite purchase.  I had majored in Art in college, but I had no idea that I would, someday, become a potter myself.

Many of these pieces have been packed away from time to time; other pieces have been in constant use in my life (like my sugar bowl).  I’m finding delight in discovering these earlier pieces and learning something about myself in the process.

To start things off — I’m sharing several pieces that I acquired on two different trips through England and Scotland.

England – Covered Butter Dish:

I took a walking trip across the Western Counties of England — Through sheep pastures, up and down many steep hills along the coast of Devon.  I stopped in a quaint seaside village for tea (and scones with clotted cream) and a visit to several charming shops.  I was drawn to the pottery — Confident, earthy, delightful carved designs.  I purchased the most ‘robust’ piece that I could fit in my backpack — A covered Butter Dish.

And today, I still love this butter dish!!  Sometimes it lives at my farm in Wisconsin (the ‘country’ look), sometimes I love having it here in Minnesota.  While I’ve never chosen to carve designs into my own pieces, I totally appreciate the sweet, cheerful carved design.  And I’m tickled with the maker’s finger-marks from applying the iron oxide wash.

Scotland — Two Small Plates:

My husband and I were biking Scotland.  I was knocked off the road by a rather large truck — Broken collar bone.  Yes, it was painful, but I kept on biking for another two weeks.  Somewhere, during that time, after a hearty pub-lunch in western Scotland (Isle of Skye), I found a shop with some must-have small plates.  I was intrigued with the designs, and I knew the plates would fit in my panniers without adding too much weight.

I still find these wee plates delightful; perfect for a snack.  I’m still intrigued with the fresh, lively designs (a bit Celtic?); and my broken bones healed just fine!  It was a great trip!

And hope you enjoyed first installment of Before-I-was-a-Potter!


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