Peach Crostata on New Plate

I have been baking quite a bit this past summer.  Especially, goodies with peaches….

First, I baked several different Peach Cobblers till I found the recipe that I was happiest with.  In each case, my husband and I devoured the cobbler before we could photograph it.  Then I baked a simple Peach Crisp, and also a Blueberry Crumble (wonderful with ice cream).  I also baked a lovely Zucchini/Carrot Bread with Candied Ginger — We ate it all without any photo shoot.

Finally — With probably the last of our wonderful summer peaches, I’ve baked a heavenly Peach Crostata!!  And because I’ve recently been making Pedestal-Cake-Plates, I made sure that we photographed the Crostata on one of the new Cake Stands. Then we attacked and ate the Crostata — YUM!

The Food — Peach/Almond Crostata:

This was a thrilling undertaking for me!  I’ve NEVER been interested in making pie crusts.  However, with all the slabs of clay that I roll out, I decided it was time that I translated that skill to the kitchen.  For my first attempt, I decided on a Peach Crostata, a rustic, free-form tart, with a folded-over crust.

I found a recipe from Alice Waters (Chez Panisse); I prepared the dough; I rolled it out to the right size.  Actually, I had an oops…. I really do not have a single rolling pin in my kitchen — Twelve rolling pins live in my studio (for clay).  I could not roll out the dough until I rescued (and cleaned) a rolling pin for kitchen use.

Then I got a bit inventive — I rolled out a thin slab of almond paste (think marzipan) to place atop the dough, before arranging the cut up peaches.  Finally, I folded over the edges of the crust for a rustic, ‘pouchy’ look.  I brushed on a bit of egg wash with a sprinkle of sugar and popped it in the oven.

I did it!!  I actually made a pie crust!!  It was SO YUMMY — The peaches with the almond, the rather perfect, just-right flaky crust.  I’m calling it Late Summer BLISS!

The Pottery — Maasha Cake Plate:

For presenting my Crostata creation, I was delighted to try one my new Pedestal-Cake-Plates — Stoneware, with slip and ash glazes.  Cake Stands are a new thing for me — I’m anxious to try out a few different ‘styles’ and glaze treatments.  But for now, this basic form works quite nicely with my happy Crostata.

And  for those of you who are potters/hand-builders — I do not use a slab-roller; I’m quite happy with sturdy rolling pins.  Of course, one of those rolling pins now permanently lives in my kitchen.

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