Remembrance — 9/11

Many of us are remembering the tragic events, ten years ago, of September 11th.  Remembering our shattered realities; honoring so many innocent victims who lost their lives.

I am sharing my thoughts….

I was working in clay that day — Cool, white porcelain.  I was preparing for two separate glaze workshops; I was making hundreds of small ‘test tiles’ for upcoming glaze tests. The repetitiveness of the work got me through the day — Each tile seemed to represent each separate soul, yet unknown, who had been caught in the attack.

Because my youngest son lived in New York, I was continually trying to reach him. Eventually, I got through and confirmed that he was safe.

Finally, late in the day, I sat down at the wheel and created one more bowl — Graceful, lonely, and so very sad.

Several weeks later, I bisque-fired the bowl. I could not glaze it; I would never complete it.  I packed it away ten years ago.

As remembrance of those who were lost, as well as those who survived — I am sharing this bowl now:

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