Back From Vacation — Unexpected Barbeque

It’s late Summer already. My husband and I just returned from a rather sudden, unexpected, quickie vacation — Camping along Lake Superior up north in Canada.  We enjoyed a pleasant drive along the Minnesota ‘North Shore’ — Hikes along many waterfalls, a visit to Dick Cooter’s pottery studio (he was loading his kiln), hopping over giant rocks at Grand Marais, a tasty fish dinner on the lake shore.  Then we continued on to Canada for a few days of camping on Lake Superior, north of Thunder Bay — Great hikes (with incredible vistas and views), stunning sunsets, camp food over a crackling campfire.

And as soon as we returned, I had quite a few pots to glaze — And I was anxious to get cooking.  Similar to our ‘unexpected’ vacation, I ended up preparing a totally ‘unexpected’ (really tasty) late summer meal.

The Food — County-Style Pork Ribs with Maple Glaze

I’ve never done much actual barbecue (with ‘barbecue sauce’) — But I quite unexpectedly picked up some Country-Style Pork Ribs at the market, and realized I’d like to try the BBQ thing.  Alas, I only had ‘Mexican’ sauces on hand, and some Minnesota Maple Syrup — So this became a Minn-Mex Late Summer BBQ.

I cooked the ribs long and slow in the oven — In a wonderful (not-too-spicey) mole sauce (unexpectedly mixed with dark beer).  Then, transferred the chunks/ribs to the grill for a bit more slow grilling/smoking.  For a BBQ sauce, I mixed a small amount of my ancho/chipotle chili paste into the cooking liquid and added some maple syrup.  As I was reducing the liquid, I unexpectedly added some cut up peaches.  I periodically glazed the (still-on-the-grill) ribs with the sauce.  For serving, I added more sauce (with peaches) on top of the fork-tender meat.  All ingredients quite unexpected, but absolutely YUMMY!!

The Pottery — Maasha Dinner Plate:

For serving, I simply chose a Maasha Plate with Carved Rim — Stoneware, slips with ash glazes.  It was a perfect size — With plenty of room for corn-on-the-cob, smashed potatoes with garlic and leek, and the ribs with the tasty, peachy sauce!!  A simple late summer meal on an earthy, very accommodating plate!

And one more photo from our trip….

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