Chicken Teriyaki on a Platter

Mid August — And it’s finally Minnesota-comfortable (July was sooooo hot and muggy, oppressive).  I can finally enjoy sitting on my back deck for dinner, or breakfast, or just enjoying my forest.

And speaking of dinner, I feel like a big batch of Chicken Teriyaki — Even though I prepare it in the oven, not on the grill.  It’s great for a crowd; it works well for picnics and other gatherings.  And I have a wonderful ‘new’ Platter — Made by artist, Dick Cooter.  I picked it up at the St. Croix Pottery Tour just this past spring.

The Food — Chicken Teriyaki:

For my Chicken Teriyaki, I prefer to use only the thighs.  I make a tasty cooking sauce with sake, soy sauce, honey and orange juice.  Then, a rather long and slow cooking process.  The result is absolutely tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken that tastes better than candy!

I actually presented my Chicken Teriyaki in a posting last year, but did not include the recipe.  This time, I’ve added the recipe to my Recipes Page.

The Pottery — Dick Cooter:

I really had fun arranging the yummy-looking chicken pieces and bright green snow peas on this Platter made by Dick Cooter, of  northern Minnesota.  He’s up on the rugged ‘north shore’ just inland from Lake Superior.

 I love his very rustic, earthy pieces — Wood fired, with obvious flame and ash statements.  Forms are gestural, unpretentious; earthy but actually elegant.  And, yes, I realize that this Platter/Tray would look great with Sushi — You’ll likely see this piece again.

If you enjoy rustic, very wood fired pottery — Check out Dick’s Web Site.  He has a great Video about wood firing on his ‘About’ Page!

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