Glorious Sweet Corn!

Mid-Summer — Finally our sweet corn has arrived (really late this year).  It is so wonderful.  For a few precious weeks we can gobble the tastiest corn-on-the-cob — Every kernal a texture delight!

So, this past week, while I’ve been trying to find time to make more pots, I’ve actually been busy preparing corn many different ways — Corn-on-the-cob every night with dinner, a few special dishes using corn kernals (polenta, chowder, more), and I’ve been freezing quite a bit as well.

The Food — Corn & Scallop Chowder:

One of the special dishes I love to prepare — A light-but-creamy Corn and Scallop Chowder.  Perfect for summer.  I use fresh, chopped-into-chunks Yukon Gold potatoes, sauteed leeks, my favorite smokey bacon, and fresh herbs — Rosemary, thyme.  I simmer all in a pot full of chicken broth, a bit of white wine, and later, a bit of cream.  Finally I add sauteed scallops (Bay Scallops), the corn kernals (cut off the cob), and a perfectly sauteed Sea Scallop.  Summer!

Recipe available on my Recipes Page !

The Pottery — Guillermo Cuellar:

I’m serving the Chowder in a very generous Bowl made by artist Guillermo Cuellar — Stoneware, with a silky, dusty-teal glaze and delightful slip-drips as decoration.  I love the contrast of the light Chowder with the darker bowl!  And every spoonful of Chowder was summer-delicious!

Guillermo is originally from Venezuela, studied in the US — And is now a totally transplanted good-friend Minnesota Potter.  I so enjoy helping out at Guillermo’s during the St. Croix Pottery Tour!  To see many more pots, here is a Link to his Web Site —

Anyone else love summer Sweet Corn as much as I do??  I enjoy it for breakfast; I often have it for dessert.

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