Who / What ???

Time for another Quiz of the Month!

WHO is the Artist?  WHAT is the Item?

Actually — I realize that I forgot a Quiz last month.  That’s an OOOOPS for me!  But here we go for this month….

Who is the Artist:  A simple, cylindrical vessel.  Wood fired, with simple but pleasant glaze design.  Can you guess — WHO is the Artist??  Hint:  A Colorado Artist.

What is the Item: Several ‘sticks’ (rather like straws) that fit nicely in the vessel.  Can you guess — WHAT is the Item??  Hint:  Tasty sweet.


First, the Artist:  The Artist is Peter Karner — A wood fire artist in Colorado.  His forms are somewhat contemporary, but his rich, intricate, geometric glaze treatments (along with the atmospheric firing) suggest ancient Persian or Islamic designs.  Gorgeous!!

I think this larger Pedestal Bowl looks STUNNING — The geometric design in rich turquoise and the contrasting fruit. I am not usually a ‘turquoise’ girl — But this piece was so pleasantly earthy-but-contemporary, it fits perfectly in my life.

Here is a link to Peter’s Web Site:   www.PeterKarnerPottery.net

Next, the Item:  The ‘sticks’ are Honey Sticks.  Convenient if you enjoy honey with a simple, relaxing cup of tea.  Also, a fun way to drizzle honey over your breakfast cereal, or toast, or muffin.

The Honey Sticks are available from STASH — A Tea company in Portland, Oregon.  When I attended NCECA several years ago in Portland, they were giving out free samples of a wonderful ‘White’ Tea.  Here is Link — www.StashTea.com

Hope everyone enjoyed Quiz of the Month (in spite of my omission last month)!


2 thoughts on “Who / What ???

    • Hi Alice — Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do my own photos. Actually, my husband shoots most of them — Although, I just got a new camera, so we now have his & hers Nikons. You’re welcome to come over any time, and see how we’re set up.
      — Marcia

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