Fourth of July – Grilled Lamb Chops

It’s Fourth of July Weekend!!  Parades and fireworks!!  And picnics and gatherings — With all sorts of tasty things from the Grill!  Before I get too wrapped up in my own weekend plans, I thought I’d share my latest grilling experience — Along with one of my latest new rimmed plates.

The Food – Grilled Lamb Chops with Leek & Feta Topping

I recently picked up some lovely looking Lamb Chops at my CoOp grocery.  I made a quick marinade of olive oil, a bit of balsamic, and red wine.

My husband did a great (perfect) job of grilling.  We served the chops on a mound of garlic-smashed potatoes, roasted yellow pepper on the side, and a Topping of sauteed leek, mushroom, and roasted tomato — And sprinkled feta cheese.  Amazing tasty!!

The slightly tangy (Mediterranean) flavors of the topping worked wonderfully with the earthy, grilled flavor of the Lamb Chops!!  I’m sure this topping would work really well with Lamb Burgers on the grill.

The Pottery – New Rimmed Plate

For the presentation, I tried a new style of square, handbuilt plate I’ve been working on — Stoneware, slab construction, with bold geometric design on the rim.  I consider this a ‘prototype’ (the firing didn’t go so well).  But I really loved working on this ‘style’ — I’ve been wanting to make plates with an obvious ‘constructed’ look for awhile.  I’ve already made several more; you’ll likely be seeing them soon.

And, again, the Lamb Chops with Topping were amazing/delicious on my new Plate!!

So — Happy Fourth of July everyone!!  And Happy Grilling!!

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