New Kiln – First Firing!!

Our new Soda Kiln at Edina Art Center!  We just completed our first firing!!  And we feel it was a SUCCESS!!  Yes, it was an 18-hour firing (that will change) — But, for a first-time-experimental firing, we’re all quite pleased with the results!  The kiln seems to be well behaved, atmosphere was actually fairly even.  We had some ‘drier’ spots, but everything ‘flashed’ with bright reds, and soft yellows, and some truly lovely ‘soda sheens’.

And, of course, we did a bit of CELEBRATING — For starters, we all enjoyed some Root Beer Floats.  Then,  once everything was unloaded, we enjoyed some Champaign!  Then I came home and enjoyed a tasty Pasta Dinner — On one of my Soda Fired Plates!!

The Food — Bay Scallops and Asparagus on Pasta

For a quick, but amazingly tasty pasta, I sauteed mushrooms, a bit of smokey bacon, then lightly sauteed bay scallops.  I made a (very light) wine/cream sauce, adding lemon zest and rosemary.  Finally, I mixed in steamed asparagus — And plopped it all on top of fresh linguine.  And if you remember black garlic (from last month’s Quiz-of-the-Month), I included sauteed black garlic.  Wowie Zowie — It really was tasty/good!!!  Definitely a Celebration Dinner for the First Firing!

The Pottery — First Firing from New Kiln

In a celebration mood — I’m sharing a few of the pieces from fellow potters at the Art Center….

Vanessa had several small bottles/ewers — Lovely, gorgeous flashing, really enhancing the form!

Alex just graduated high school — Very nice mug; amazing pig — Great results!

Fun fish, by Brad.  And Sandra had many lovely pieces, including this bottle — Gorgeous flashing with subtle, pebbly texture!!

And, for anyone who is not a potter, I hope this gives you some idea of what building and firing in a new kiln is all about….

A lot of hard work, a lot of apprehension about the firing, and a lot of OOOOOOOs and AAAAAHHHHHHs when the results are good!  We’re all quite pleased — We certainly look forward to firing again!!

4 thoughts on “New Kiln – First Firing!!

  1. So many nice looking pieces from the first firing of the new kiln at Edina. Glad to hear it all went well and you got so many gorgeous pieces from the first fire. Be well.

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