Finally Summer — Strawberry Shortcake!!

It’s finally (almost, in a few days) officially Summer!!  Here in Minnesota, we’re not even sure we’ve had a Spring — And our strawberries are at least three weeks late.  But local strawberries have now arrived!  I simply had to make a classic Strawberry Shortcake!! 

The Food — Strawberry Shortcake:

I really do love Strawberries — Sweet and refreshing.  I slice them, add a bit of sugar (so they’ll create their own juice), sometimes add a spoonful of Grand Marnier.

For the Shortcake, I tried a new recipe — Lovely shortcake-biscuits, to which I added bits of chopped white chocolate.  The Shortcakes were absolutely, light-as-a-cloud heavenly.  I thought they looked like giant macaroons.  They were the perfect balance to the Strawberries, and the powdered sugar, and the whipped cream.  Ahhhh — Early Summer!

The Pottery — Two Different Plates

My husband and I each chose a different plate — A great way to enjoy our Strawberry Shortcake together.

Plate by Mark Pharis — I chose a plate by Midwest Artist, Mark Pharis.  I loved the constructed, angular form with the white, more casual glaze treatment — A sophisticated contrast to the ‘comfort food’ look of the Strawberry Shortcake.  It totally says yummy and refreshing!  Mark Pharis is Professor, Ceramics, at University of Minnesota.  I featured this plate a year ago in a previous post — Link.

Plate from Japan — My husband chose a plate that I acquired in Japan; in the mountain village of Takayama.  Made of a light stoneware with surface texture and ‘torn’ corners; the Strawberry Shortcake really stands out against the green oribe-type glaze!  Again, yummy and refreshing!

Classic Strawberry Shortcake; happy Summer everyone!!


2 thoughts on “Finally Summer — Strawberry Shortcake!!

    • Hi — I know I’m a few days late, but I hope you had a great birthday, with strawberries!! Hope to see your handmade cake plate sometime!!
      Thanks for your comment — Marcia

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